Vivisection of dying
The Kyprianism in the Synod-K BEFORE THE UNION with the Kyprianites
The Kyprianism IN DEED, carried out by the hypocritical heretics kyprianites in the synod of Chrysostom and then Kallinikos - even BEFORE THE UNION of the Synod-K with the classical heretics kyprianites and the dropping of Synod-K from the state of being in Holy Orthodoxy.

Implanted in the Synod servants of apostasy (Thess.2:2-3) even before the false UNION – their overt and covert offences.
PLANS of their conductors (for the future) in their service to the Antichrist

Which action is of the Holy Spirit -
and which action is of men?


The heretics kyprianites present a new circus production -
that supposedly was "fulfilled" their dream, they dream for more than a quarter century:

Stage One:
- That they supposedly again "restored in rank" the heretic monk Cyprian Kutsumbas
who is DEPOSED by the Church to a degree monk for his heresy in 1986 and put under ANATHEMA in 1998 (kyprianism = ecumenism)

Stage Two:
- That they supposedly "deposed" the Orthodox Priest father John (Vasilevski)
who from 1985 exposes their heresy – but does not belong to them, nothing to do with their heretical group

Only the real they have forgotten - the most important:
- Before this circus - to ask somebody - to ordain them!

Notice now the official confession of Kallinikos Sarandopoulos -
that he himself and the others with him – have not canonical ordination! -
i.e. - he de facto is not a bishop! So – those, who commemorate him -
M actually commemorate???...
Official Letter of his to the Koinotita GOC with his handwritten signature and seal.
There he testified the same for the rest with him -
but not for Archbp. Auxentios!

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Hence: First of all – they themselves need to be canonically ordained!
Only after someone canonically ordains them
- they will be able to play their bishop game – to ordaine to depose to do whatever they want...

BUT! - to depose only those who are foolish enough to belong to their heretical group.

To wit - Stage Two that they supposedly "deposed" Father John - is played not by all members of Synod-K, but only by a psychologically damaged group of people - sick people, who are obsessed with a pathological obsession to have power all over the world - and these deranged seriously believe (!) that "someone" gave them authority" to depose an Orthodox Priest who does not belong to their heretical assemblage.

Scary sign of God:

- Deposed and anathematized for heresy, Cyprian died unrepentant,
his body became a bone – they were unable even to close his mouth

What a scary sight!

Watch this video 1 min 25 sec:
| EN | RU | GR | BG | and consider by yourself:
- Once God Himself shows as such this condemned heretic -
Is it possible for the people to "cancel" the damnation???!


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This is the same scary sign of God -

with both the damned monks concelebrated with the papists
in Mount Athos in the XIII century

And with false Patriarch Demetrios - his body was hidden in a closed-casket - because
is the same horror
as that of Cyprian (and because

they at least have manifested in their spirits the shame of men Luk.18:2)

Think of the evidence presented and consider the facts - for all these examples that
God Himself shows us
- Once God shows all these here as suchas a sign of teachingis it possible for people to cancel this decision of Him - this lesson He shows by Himself for us - for our Salvation - to protect us from the deception of heresy?

Will these people be able to amend God's judgment and terrible doom of Cyprian by the circus act
whereupon he had been "restored" – after they themselves also observe this horrible lesson? ...

Consider by yourself and say:
Which action is of the Holy Spirit -
and which action is of men?

In the Holy Orthodox Church ordinations, dpositions, Church Sacraments – these come from The Holy Spirit, it is He Who acts through the Priests. This belief is the basis of the Holy Orthodox Faith and no one Orthodox Christian can doubt - the alternative is the VERY opposite conclusion - such would have to reject everything taught about the sacramental ministry of The Church from the very beginning!

FACT: The Church
DEPOSED Cyprian in 1986 by action of The Holy Spirit.

Now explore on your own, think and say: Is it possible to believe that later on - AFTER the Synod-K fall into the heresy of Kyprianism - and supposedly The Holy Spirit "repented" that He deposed Cyprian in 1986 - so now supposedly again The Holy Spirit "decided to recover him"? ...
Think about:
- Is it not blasphemous to believe such a thing? ...
- And in general - such a "game play with the grace" of The Holy Spirit - is it possible for it to come “from God”?

What a horror! The Kipriyanits continually blaspheme the Holy Spirit! - The very "logic" of their heresy is such that it leaves them not to stop
 it without exposing the heresy. Their heresy by every word and did pushes them  to continually blaspheme the Holy Spirit! Therefore everyone who resides in that heresy (and while residing in it) -it is impossible to avoid this constant blasphemy – which facts proved (by examples) leads to derangement.

The Kipriyanits always hide the facts, and directly instill ready outlets "Everything is good everything is fine, we are justified ..."
BUT! - That by instilling of ready outlets is hypnotic suggestion processing of the mind

And whoever has a logical mind exercising proper discernment, do not wait for their ready outlets - consider yourself on the facts and take out your own conclusions - and say:
of these two opposite actions
- is possible to be
of The Holy Spirit
- and which is impossible

- In 1986 The Church DEPOSED Cyprian is it possible at that time The Church not to have The Holy Spirit?
- Or now the circus of "change of the opinion" of the Holy Spirit and "recovery" of the deposed Cyprian -

is it possible this
claim to be of The Holy Spirit???!

What kind of sick mind must one have, so he, based on existing evidence (see above) would make a conclusion such as:

- That God The Holy Spirit Himself would supposedly "change His opinion" and say "oh wait it was My fault that I deposed Cyprian through the The Church in 1986 so now I'll fix it and restore him from the deposition" (After the fall of some persons into the heresy of kyprianism!)

Who, being mentally healthy, would not guess that in this Synod "operates"
a group of
mentally damaged people obsessed with maniacal ideas? - sick people who proven (by their own signature) can not make difference in their minds
between their "want" and their "can".

A separate question is their heresy -

it is quite another matter their mental disability.


Example of a clarification: Roman popes - even historic times until today - also suffer from the obsession for power over the whole world.

But, although many are Orthodox priests who expose Papism (with text and audio and video in many ways) - the popes endure or ignore their rebukes – and show themselves "humble" (by papal way).
Question: Is there any known case (after Rome departed from the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church) whereupon it has occurred someone so mentally disordered pope of Rome, that he publicly said that
he supposedly "have authority" to deprive from rank an Orthodox Priest (who exposes him) - after it is clear that the Orthodox Priest does not belong to his papal diocese?

Popes killed Orthodox clergy (yes there are many cases) - but to declare publicly "taking of rank?" ... No, such proposition could never be validly asserted even by a Pope of Rome arrayed in all his self-made glory!

Or – to put it simply - for the most stupid and illiterate people:
Is it not an obvious symptom of mental disability, if
- The Director of the Company "A" says that he supposedly has power

- To dismiss an employee belonging to the Company "B"?

Or - Is there known a case of a pope of Rome being so mentally disordered, that he said publicly, that he "restores the rank" of these former hieromonks - apparently punished by God?
To wit, they gained momentum and surpassed even the Pope of Rome!

Explore this question - and answer yourself!  (-:

And if you find in the history a case of someone so mentally disordered pope of Rome - tell us to post it! (N.B.only a case after Rome departed from the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church)

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NOTE: The maniacal ideas, if they are not timely prevented in and by the appropriate psychotherapeutic way – tend to progress.
(And after a time - the development can no longer be stopped)

According to the reliable sources,

 this small group

 that "operates" in their Synod-K,

 hysterically tries to persuade

 the mentally healthy ones

 them, also, to sign their maniacal idea.


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How and Why the Assemblage

Is Trying to Judge Someone

Who Does not Belong To It (Psalms.25:5)

Self-appointed judges, impostors dressed in bishop’s clothes are trying by fear to keep their priests from leaving and to manipulate their consciences. (This is not an isolated case! The assemblage persecutes laymen as well!)



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