Vivisection Of Dying

The Kyprianism in the Synod-K BEFORE THE UNION with the Kyprianites
The Kyprianism IN DEED, carried out by the hypocritical heretics kyprianites in the synod of Chrysostom and then Kallinikos - even BEFORE THE UNION of the Synod-K with the classical heretics kyprianites and the dropping of Synod-K from the state of being in Holy Orthodoxy.

Implanted in the Synod servants of apostasy (Thess.2:2-3) even before the false UNION – their overt and covert offences.
PLANS of their conductors (for the future)
in their service to the Antichrist

0002. How and Why the Assemblage
Is Trying to Judge Someone
Who Does not Belong To It (Psalms.26:5)

Self-appointed judges, impostors dressed in bishop clothes are trying by fear to keep their priests from leaving and to manipulate their consciences. (The cited here is not an isolated case! The assemblage persecutes only Orthodox 
 – and laymen
as well!)

Date of this publication: 4 / June 17, 2014

Some pathological personalities of the heretical Synod-K – knite against me, the Canonical Orthodox Priest, father John (Vasilewski) different machinations from 2003:

- Trying to judge me – although I left their Synod officially since 2005
- Trying to judge me – although
EVEN MORE IMPOSSIBLE is – me to belong to their heretical Synod - once they fell into heresy Kyprianism this year and now are under the Anathema to the heresy of ecumenism.

So they
could not get into their mind to think and explore the simple question:
- Ultimately,
WHOM do they want to judge – me or my shadow?

Indeed pathological! – because apparently are blind to see how miserable it looks when they so hysterically try to grasp in their fingernails ... my shadow!...

Look at them how pathetic they are! See how they alone proved their powerlessness:
They proved unable - to oppose another ideology to the True ideology
- They proved unable - to oppose another dogmatics to the Orthodox Dogmaitcs
- They proved unable - to oppose another canon law to the Canon law of the Church
they rolled themselves to the point of fabricating farces of lawcourts they, moreover, have no authority to perform – this way they alone proved that this is the only thing they have left and so they alone conclusively proved their powerlessness....
What a disgrace! What a
DEFEAT! What a fall!
- A whole group of dressed in dearest colorful vanity and with mitres on their heads proved themselves unable to stand up to ONE man – a True Orthodox Priest – and to his word to oppose word of theirs and the only which they proved capable of is pathetic attempts to persecute me = pathetic attempts to grab my shadow in their administrative claws – a farce of court! – look at them how pathetic they are!
Laugh at them! -
they deserved it!

Let us now examine: Why did they show themselves so pathetic and helpless that they were forced to resort to their "court" as a refuge?

- Why (as have shown themselves) are
they unable to oppose
the True ideology - another ideology?
Because the Holy Orthodoxy, which I preach and which they hate so much, is not mine but the Lord’s! - and to Him and to the Holy Orthodoxy they tried to oppose their pathetic heretical ideology that they cut out and sewed, and patched and re-patched, made up and cosmeticized – and to this today have not managed to finish it, but are still tailoring it - and still are failing, whence they were forced to resort to lies about "secret documents" which supposedly they are not allowed to show openly. Look at them what a pathetic picture they are!
See their pathetic ideology! ...

- Why (as have shown themselves) are
they unable to oppose to
the Orthodox Dogmatics - another dogmatics?
Because the very Dogmatics of the Holy Orthodoxy is unknown to them.
(In the future publications we are going to prove it IN DETAIL!)
They have put on episcopal clothes, but are ignorant and have not studied it.
Example: One of them, Photius Mandalis was deposed by his Confessor and Bishop Kallinikos of Dodekanisos who had ordained him.
Photius was deposed deservedly, for the fact that he is ignorant and preaches many heresies. Also anyone who follows him is placed under anathema because Photius is possessed by a spirit of seduction and deceit.
And then the other ignorant in faith of the group accept the deposed heretic Photius as a brother and by his intrigues fake a court and "depose" his Bishop Kallinikos of Dodekanisos (again intrigues fraud and courts!)
However, Metropolitan Kallinikos of Dodekanisos tired of their incessant fraud and fake "courts" - gave these forgers over to the Greek State Court and WON THE COURT CASE, by PROVING their FALSIFICATIONS
The next year (1999), when the group of the illiterate like Photius took the name "Bishop" | EN | RU | GR | BG |, began the disastrous faith and canonical fall of the Synod of Chrysostom until this development naturally led to the catastrophe of the official (signed) separation of Synod-K from the Holy Orthodox Church and its fall in the cyprianite heresy in 2014.

- Why (as have shown themselves) are
they unable to oppose to the Church's Canon law - another canon law?
they have a deadly hatred for the very Sacred Canons of the Holy Orthodox Church! - and they trample them all and replace them with their "almighty" idol called „oeconomy” - that St. Theodore the Studite justly calls "antichrist"!

THIS is why they proved so pathetic and helpless – that were forced to cling to their "court" as in a refuge for them!
THIS is where the hysterics of the deposed illiterate heretic Photius comes from!
THIS is why this colorful group of vanity could not stand up to ONE man – an Orthodox Priest
could not oppose word to my word,
was not able to oppose ideology to ideology
- and so in unfortunate frustration weltered to the point of fabricating farces of courts - as a "rescue anchor" for them - but even for those courts they have no authority! - so they were forced to lie, fabricate intrigues, slander! Here's a picture of pathetic helplessness showed by the assemblage in this group of speechless = actually speechless - as their speech proved suitable only for intrigue, machinations and courts - but not for IDEOLOGY

That's WHY = because of their frustration - this assemblage is trying to judge me - although I no longer belong to them! They proved it themselves!

The p
ersecutors of this world (John.15:18-23) have always thought that by persecuting the confessors of the Holy Orthodoxy, by subjecting them to physical or administrative torture (courts, etc. Mat.10:17, as the Lord predicted) and even killing them - they thought they win.
But we Orthodox Christians know that they are deeply mistaken and the Truth is exactly the opposite! EVERY Orthodox Christian KNOWS THIS!
And by the very fact that this heretical assemblage of cyprianites also think that
would win using the means of this world
(courts, etc. Mat.10:17) - they themselves proved that
a) they do not belong to the Holy Orthodox Church! – they alone proved that the very IDEOLOGY of the Holy Orthodox Church - is foreign to them!
b) proved that they belong to this world (John.15:18-23) and again they themselves proved that they are managed by the prince of this world (John.16:11) (John.12:31)
and therefore have nothing to do with Christ God! (John.14:30)
They have persecuted other Orthodox Priests as well (there are details!) – they set police against them (!) (as in the bolshevik regime, now these do the same) generally show themselves as antichrists-persecutors - what can have such antichrists in common with Christ God! (John.14:30)

That's HOW disgracefully for them this battle finished!
Battle finished this way, but the IDEOLOGICAL WAR goes on (Ephes.6:12) between Orthodoxy and heterodoxy.


After 12 years suffer slander and machinations of these pathological personalities - I think it is high time to give them the REPLY I owe

Photius Mandalis
(one of them) - this mental teenager
s his "justice" - according to his advantage:
a) When it suits him
he says "Father John is NOT with us!" (There are witnesses Police officers)
b) and
when it does not suit him - LIES: "Father John IS with us and now we are going to judge him - here you see the publication, it is from the synod and not from us the dodgers"...
those who can think, immediately catch his stupid tricks -
and laugh
at him.


WHEN and WHY I Did I Leave Their Synod?

Why it is a lie that supposedly I Father John (Vasilevski) belong to their heretical Synod-K? What high self-esteem on their part!
And what an insult to me - that I supposedly belong to their heresy!

First let us show you TWO GROUPS OF FACTS –
just two cases of each of them

 First case. See with your own eyes this video - consider by yourself and answer:
- Is it possible for this pouring done in the Synod-K to be Orthodox baptism?

1) This papal pouring is not an isolated case! This is the way the papal "baptism" has been done here
 always and in every case – in front of witnesses for more than 10 years to the very date of this publication = the video of the conversation with the witness!
2) Bishop Kallinikos was notified repeatedly BY WITNESSES of these incessant cases of papal pouring at Manyotis’ – even before he became archbishop!

 Second case involving papal "mystery". 
The papal "mysteries" in the Synod-K
 have not stopped but continue to this day!
On Sunday, July 13, 2014, in the church of the Brookwood Monastery in England, Aquilina
 was performed the "mystery" of "Marriage" to wit - "wedding" - between a papist and an "orthodox" woman from the Synod of the heretics cyprianites (Synod-K).

This "wedding" was performed by "priest" Gregory Lauani, who is a "spiritual" son of Photius Mandalis and fanatically requires from the laity-cyprianites to perform blind obedience to Mandalis and the
rest of their "bishops". Continuously and in all possible ways he stresses upon this requirement of blind obedience.

Photius Mandalis uses the following justification: "When we learned that the wedding was appointed for that date, it was too late and
there was nothing we could do."
He's lying! He is in constant communion with this "spiritual" son
of his Gregory Lauani, they exchange information on the dot - but about an important event like this allegedly he had told him "so late" that there "was nothing" "that could be done"...     

Whether Photius Mandalis realizes that this is a false justification or he doesn’t, but - he gives a "firm" promise: 
but we will NEVER do it again! Solid promise!"
He that has a mind to think (Mat.11:15) let him think and answer, can this be the behavior of a normal serious person, connected with the Church of Christ?... Photius Mandalis behaves as if he is in the kindergarten – and as soon as he gets into a mischief, breaks a glass or spills the jam on the tablecloth - again solidly promises: "I will NEVER do it again, I promise!"...    

How stupid must be the people who take seriously such an immature person - and trust him with their lives! It is about human lives, immature young man, how can you play with these human lives and treat them so lightly: "I will not do it again, I promise!"... You're playing with these human lives – taking advantage of the name of "bishop" which they festooned you with!...

Anyway - this immature young man promises that "he will never do it again", the naive people take it seriously - BUT:
neither he, nor Kallinikos, nor anyone else of their 
Synod in
resistance to the Holy Spirit 
says that this "wedding" is not valid! None of them says that there took place no Sacrament of Marriage!
none of them says that the papist, "wedded" to "the orthodox" is not a member of their "orthodox" "church" – Synod-K in resistance to the Holy Spirit
none of them says that he will not be given communion along with his wife.
none of them says - what future fate they have invented for this man! Have they thought at all that he is a man - and what fate they have prepared for him with such frivolity of theirs? Do they think at all: What will they do with him after this "wedding"? will they baptize him? – will they give him chrismation? 
The heretics cyprianites of Bulgaria only give chrismation to papists - because supposedly these heretics have grace, "tied grace" - according to the teachings of Seraphima Lieven and Sergius Yazadzhiev, cyprianites-"theologians" of Bulgaria. 
For many years, I was explaining them that it is impossible "the Grace to be tied," that is blasphemous that they say so, but the Truth is on the contrary: the Grace is that ties - because the Grace of The Holy Spirit, as taught St.Gregory Palamas, is The Holy Spirit Himself! But they were stubborn fanatics and never wanted to understand this Truth of  the Orthodoxy. Thus they died in that blasphemy against the Holy Spirit.

Maybe the heretics cyprianites of Synod-K (Greece) will neither baptize the papist, nor give him chrismation - but only will give him a charming smile - as is the custom of the heretics cyprianites of Synod-K already since the time of 1999? ... 
A heretic cyprianite "priest", a Serb, of the monastery of Kallinikos says that all who believe the cyprianite heresy and these apostasies are large and for that reason are leaving the Synod-K, needed psychiatric treatment! – according to him these were "small", "minor" apostasies and even were not apostasies at all because
they had good reason. 
Through this man speaks the same demon that through the cyprianites already since 1992 - spoke that «he who had gone to the Synod of Chrysostom – needed psychiatric treatment». And so – who is so dumb and insane as to not be able to understand - which the real insanity is?
Therefore, no wonder at all if today's heretics cyprianites in their turn – neither baptize this "wedded" but not baptized papist,
nor even give him chrismation, but
 only give him a charming smile.

This is their rule:

That is exactly how they accept their brethren-heretics from the ecumenical Moscow Patriarchate – only with a charming smile! Ask Chrysostomos Manyotis - from tens of thousands who came from the Moscow Patriarchate into his diocese - is there at least one whom he has accepted otherwise than – only with a charming smile? Is there at least one of the tens of thousands whom he has accepted with chrismation?
Not one!
so with baptizm – that is out of the question!)

So – this is as a rule:

The Holy Orthodox Church accepts the papists and the poured over ecumenists from the MP - with Holy Baptism. (See Rule 84 of the Holy Sixth Ecumenical Council - even for those who do not know if they are baptized – as it is literally written by the Holy Fathers: not to destroy the soul on occasion that there is not any Baptism!) (See also Carthag.72)

The Bulgarian heretics cyprianites accept the papists and the poured over ecumenists from the MP – with chrismation (because as they say «the papists have Holy grace». These cyprianites call it "tied grace", or "historical grace").

And the Greek heretics cyprianites (Synod-K) accept the papists and their own brothers ecumenists from the MP – only with a charming smile! 

GROUP OF FACTS. Juxtapose the following two cases:

A. First case. See how a "priest" of the Synod-K, ordained by "bishop" Photius of Marathon for almost a whole year is serving "liturgy" by the papal calendar and not only do they not condemn him, but give him not even a reproof! See "liturgy" of Assumption 2/15 August 2014
B. Second
case. See how they persecute the Orthodox Priest Father Haralambos Serb – they sent him a letter to judge him immediately on the third day after he refused to kiss the hand of "archbishop" Kallinikos for the latter had fallen into the heresy of cyprianism – and because he humbly asked Kallinikos a single question to which Kallinikos could not answer and flew into a rage

Details o
n this SECOND FACT read HERE >>> | EN | GR | RU | BG |

So, in comparison you can see with your own eyes – this is indisputable:
assemblage does not persecute the open heretics who belong to them (or are ordained by them) but
- the assemblage persecutes only Orthodox Priests, and laymen - even when they do not belong to them!

These are only two
GROUP OF FACTS-examples. In my letter to the Synod of 2003 (which will be discussed later) the facts are even more. If there was room here - such facts we could present to you a huge number of, a whole archive!
But here there is simply not so much room, so we presented only those.

The essence is this – consider by yourself and answer:

Is it possible that a Priest knows about all these FACTS of apostasy (2Thes.2:3), but stays in this Synod - and at that has Orthodox conscience?
2) Is it possible if this Priest leaves them because of these FACTS of apostasy – that the heretics of Synod-K would have authority and right to judge him?
- Even if they were not heretics - let these hypocrites, first cast out the beam from their own eye, and then think about the mote in the eye of the other! (Luke.6:42). And for the present they are nothing more than blind leaders of the blind (Mat.15:14)

Now that you have seen with your own eyes –

I will explain i
n the most simple words – so that
even people people with such low intelligence as Photius
be able to understand
the simple canonical truth THAT:

Because I have asked for an Apolytirion (Letter of Release) -
in order
to go to ANOTHER Bishop
and have ALREADY received it, right back in 2005, signed by my Bishop and Archbp. Chrysostom that I have full authority to exercise my Priesthood
under the
direction of ANOTHER Bishop

That’s why the self-appointed judges HAVE NO LONGER AUTHORITY to decide:
Whether I "observe the terms" of the Apolytirion (as they have written in their pathetic publication of the type of "WANTED!" - so that the whole world can laugh at them)
WHETHER I break canons or not (as they have written - still to everybody’s laughter because they themselves are an example of lawlessness)
WHETHER I have obedience to MY Bishop - or not
NO LONGER THEY have the authority to decide on these questions = they are ALREADY beyond their competence (let alone to be judges on top of that)

NOTE: I requested I Apolitirion
- NOT in order "to change to another Bishop of their Synod" - as outrageous lies Photios Mandalis (and others from the group) - but
- To leave their Synod! - And so this Apolitirion is signed not only by my Bishop, but also by Archbishop Chrysostomos!

FROM THE MOMENT of receipt of this Apolytirion (that is even since 2005)
authority has only that Bishop to whom I CHOOSE TO GO = PASS OVER - because this apolytirion gives me POWER:
to myself choose an Orthodox Bishop- according to MY confession - because MY confession is attested by the signature of Archbishop Chrysostom as meticulously Orthodox!
Yet these junior "bishops" are trying to force me to obey a heretic of their choice.
You see how they stumble in logic? Make your own conclusions!
get into great mental difficulties - even for the simplest truths.

What are the reasons why I had been so insistent leaving this Synod of their? - As is clearly stated that is my request in paragraph 4 of Apolitirion.
- Because this Synod since then was given way from the Holy Orthodoxy!

This can be seen from my letter to the Synod of 2003, written by the blessing of Bishop Kallinikos (who was then my Bishop).

- There point by point I expose that in the Synod of Chrysostom in DEED is manifested heresy = kyprianite confession!
I wrote this back in 2003! And the Synod after considering this letter – decided:
a) that MY faith is the true Orthodox faith!
b) that I was right to resent
and to castigate this departure from Orthodoxy
And the Synod gave obedience
to Photius to give me a written reply
on the matter of a) and b)

About this decision, Bishop Kallinikos personally informed me in our conversation in 2003 in the Monastery of Holy Archangels - on the bench near the Xenon.

But this heretic and slanderer Photius has rebelled against the decision of the Synod: for 12 years now - he still has not given any response!
Photius was and until today is contrary to the decision of the Synod!
Moreover – all these 12 years he shamelessly LIES and slanders me all around the world - in Greece, Bulgaria, Serbia, England, Russia and everywhere!...
What else except resentment can the behavior of this shameless LIAR and slanderer cause?
Always opposed - always illegal - always a liar!
Once I learned from Bishop Kallinikos that in Greek the one who slanders is called diavolos!

Anyway – let it stay on his conscience, which already is so heavy drags him into the abyss irreversible!

The theme is that - this is why I was so insisting to leave the Synod: the apostasy - the fact that since then the Synod of Chrysostom in DEED is manifested heresy = kyprianite confession!
Anyone who reads this letter will undoubtedly become clear.

Of course, even then I could leave this Synod very noisy (as is common in Greece), but I decided to do it a noble way!
- I descided to tell the reasons only orally to my Bishop - NOT TO embarrass the Synod if we write them!
Therefore in the Apolitiriona exactly so it is written.

But Photius and immature company of his friends

This word generosity is unknown to all of them!
Obviously lacking even since their home education! This is the reason why
the immature ones not only did not understood, but also
extremely rude abuse my nobility – and behave like hooligans.

the mature and staid Bishops did exactly the opposite of the lies and slanders of the immature "bishops" Photius, Gregory, Chrysostomos Manyotis...
In Section 2 the undersigned Bishops thank me for my Service!
In section 3 the Bishops write that they are sorry that I want to move on to Ministry to another Bishop.
In section 7 the Bishops write that they pray to God’s Providence to clear the reasons for my insistent demand to leave them - and once these reasons are cleared - they hope I would return again to them!

After reading this from the original - I ASK:- Could it be said any clearer that since 2005 – I am no longer with them?
How stupid must Photios be (and the others in the immature group) to
not be able to understand this so clear and categorical statement?

Moreover - note: In section 7 the undersigned Bishops write that they pray to God’s Providence to clear the reasons for my insistence to leave them - and once these reasons are cleared - they hope I would return again to them!
Clearly written: They DO NOT expect me to modify something in myself but on the contrary - they express hope
the SYNOD to be cleared
of the reasons for my departure- that is of the manifestations of the heresy of kyprianism
(because these were the reasons which I told orally to the Bishop in order to not disparage them if they were written). And only after the Synod is cleared – that then I would kindly come back again! That is what these Bishops pray to God 's Providence - and sign below!

And it was IMPOSSIBLE these mature Bishops to not understand - at least because they are men and have a conscience (or at least they were such at that time) and know that this is not just a "letter-writing" to the Synod in 2003, but - I've experienced all these examples of systematic apostasy referred to in this letter of mine and I have suffered on own back! - Would be an extreme oppression of conscience, and even loss of human shame if they did not understand! (Luk.18:2-4)
They could not - and would hardly ever be able to understand such illiterate and rude and unscrupulous ones as Chrysostomos Manyotis and Fotios Mandalis.
Otherwise it could not be - logic: they just miss all this!

Photius Mandalis, Chrysostomos Manyotis or any other of this slanderers company can only dream of someone to write such praise words for them!
Hence their envy! From here - everyone understands why they hate me so much and persecute me so violently.


Besides the question of FAITH - here stands also the Canonical question of ELECTIVITY:

(Even if they were not in heresy - and even if I was in their Synod)
- How would be able THEY who ARE NOT CHOSEN clergy (!) (Acts.6:3)
- Judge a Priest, who IS CHOSEN by the congregation? ...

Their "canonicity" and "right to rule" is only a night dream,
to which one goes, working his way through the thicket of thorn bushes and countless "oeconomies" - in the absence even of moonshine

Just as I said: Photius Mandalis - this mental teenager
s his "righteousness" - according to his own benefit:
a) When it suits him he says, "Father John is NOT with us!" (Even in the police Photius stated it – he tried somehow to harm me! There are Police witnesses. The police themselves told me about this villainy of his!)
b) and when it does not suits him – he LIES: "Father John IS with us and now we will judge him - here you see the publication, it is from the synod, not from us, the dodgers"...

Any sane and thinking person can understand the simple truth:
- Is it possible for Synod-K - even if it was not heretical – to condemn a Priest or Bishop or even a layman who does not belong to the Synod-K?
You see how stupid they are? – in case you did not know – then look at them now!

How much more stupid than them should a person be for them to take him in! I ASK:
- Can Synod-K condemn a Priest for example from the Russian Diaspora?
- Can the heretics of Synod-Kypriyanites condemn, for example, a Priest like Father Eustratios who serves in Greece but belongs to Arhibishop Antony Orlov?
- Can the heretics of Synod-KIPRIYANITES condemn the Priests who serve in Greece but belong to Bishop Gregory of Colorado? Or - to the Catacomb Church of Russia? Or to any Church that does not belong to their heretical Synod-K?
- Even the heretics ecumenical new calendarists - fairly and according to the canons ridiculed the heresy of Synod-K! - But can the dodgers Photius Mandalis or Chrysostomos Manyotis or another of the Synod-K condemn anyone – a "bishop" or a "priest" or even a layman who belongs not to the Synod-K, but to this separate from them heretical group?

What's this?
Yes, above all this is NONSENSE. Nonsense, natural for these hooligans. They even set me a date (-:

But at the same time - this behavior of Photius - is NOT just nonsense!
This is also pathology = hidden form of hysterics = sick ambition about global administrative and legal POWER to judge all = the whole world - which dreams are bordering on mental impairment!

What I just wrote is not an insult! It is a diagnosis.
Let any other psychologist reasonably try to challenge it.


See how they tremble with desire to judge! - Against all logic, outside their diocese = around the world - they do not care even:
– whether if there is God and what God would say
– whether that the people will laugh at them (Luk.18:2-4)
The only important to them is - to satisfy their passion to judge!

Therefore just as I said - undoubtedly true: Photius and the others of the immature group – have a pathological lust for power = all over the whole world – which is
bordering on mental impairment!

These self-appointed "judges" supposedly fool the people that "I am scared" to come to their heretical court - that supposedly "I hid '...

But - even before the date I attest to the truth, and explained clearly and simply the reason WHY I have not the least intention to come to their heretical assemblage (Psal.25:5)

These heretics are tricking – they attempt to show themselves “smart”: The truth is that they crave that I come there for no other reason but to deceive me - by that coming of mine – I myself to asknowledge:
- that supposedly
they "are canonical bishops"
- that supposedly
they "have the authority to judge"
- that supposedly
they "are not heretics"
and thus to deceive me
– by this asknowledge of mine – to fell under the same anathema in which they themselves have fallen.

They know themselves -
that they are not bishops, that they have no authority from God to judge, that they are heretics! And just because they know all this – therefore they with such passion thirst to gain such a recognition for "supposedly canonicity"!

But that's impossible I, the Canonical Orthodox Priest Fr. John, to come to their assemblage of the wicked (Psal.25:5) - and by that coming of mine so give them such a recognition – because this recognition would be an extreme lie! Impossible to be recognized! Let them thirst!

Moreover - Agree that: I must be a FINAL FOOL - to go to the Synod TO WHICH
I do not belong!

If the Matthewites call me now to judge me - would I ran to them? ...
If we have to list all the false-churches and assemblages in Greece – there’ll be to much running up and down to accomplish all the calls of stupidity ...

Therefore: ALSO THAT EXTREME FOOL is anyone (person or group of people) who is trying to judge me - although clearly knows

I DO NOT belong THERE!

For example –
many are those in the Bulgarian Patriarchate who hate me, but, although they are also heretics ecumenists as those in the Synod-K - however until now two decades has not found among them any such final fool who to try to judge me – once he knows that I do not belong TO tHEM!

What greater proof that in the Bulgarian Patriarchate the heretics ecumenists are much smarter than these extreme fools heretics of Synod-K!

And in no other heretical group - could be discovered so extreme fools who do not get in the mind to understand this so simple truth!

Such extreme ones – only in the Synod-K can be found!

But even inside the Synod-K, not all are such fools, so this answer does not apply even to all of them! It applies only to those who do not get in the mind to understand this so simple truth!

Which ones are they?

At this point I can not exactly answer because I do not know them all! Only some. But
doesn’t matter, they will discover themselves - and they even will sign it up! 
You will see for yourself - just a little wait!

(All of them who have declared us an email, received this message!)

So here below this text from now - 4 / 17, June, 2014 - I leave a room for their signatures:


By every action of their - they just confirm my predictions.
And this is - with God's help, of course!

Just as in my book "The Way of the faithful today," which contains the predictions of their actions and who has read it so far, knows that until today everything was fulfilled by letter.
So - expect

Vivisection of dying!


The One Who Recognizes Grace,
uthority to Make Decisions,
or Mysteries in Heretics -
alls Under the Same Anathema With Them.

Whoever asks a blessing from heretics, or otherwise acknowledges that they supposedly have grace or have authority to take decisions, or have sacraments -
falls under the same anathema with them

By the very fact that Photius has published this "summons" - he only reveals
how badly they crave to draw out recognition
that supposedly they have such authority.
ut they will not get it from me! - Because if I do it – then I would delude:
- that supposedly they are not heretics
- that supposedly in those decisions of theirs (and hence in their heresy=delusion) supposedly "they are guided by the Holy Spirit!"
This is blasphemous!

- because the Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Truth (John.15:26)!
- The Holy Spirit is not a "spirit of
delusion" ( 2Thess.2:10-12)!
How can
I say such a blasphemous thing? - to join this delusion on my turn!???

On the contrary - I not only do not recognize that supposedly they have such authority but I also:
a) COanathematize their heresy - in complete obedience and harmony with the Synodal condemnation and ANATHEMA over their heresy from 1998!
b) COanathematize their heresy - in complete obedience and harmony with the Synodal condemnation and ANATHEMA over their heresy from 1983, when the Synod of the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad
1) gave over to anathema the heresy of ecumenism
2) gave over to anathema all who teach that the sacraments of heretics are effectual for salvation:

Those who attack the Church of Christ by teaching that Christ's Church is divided into so-called "branches" which differ in doctrine and way of life, or that the Church does not exist visibly, but will be formed in the future when all "branches" or sects or denominations, and even religions will be united into one body; and who do not distinguish the priesthood and mysteries of the Church from those of the heretics, but say that the baptism and eucharist of heretics is effectual for salvation; therefore, to those who knowingly have communion with these aforementioned heretics or who advocate, disseminate, or defend their new heresy of Ecumenism under the pretext of brotherly love or the supposed unification of separated Christians, Anathema!

Under this anathema fall the heretics Cyprianites, who teach exactly that. In 2014 they created a new Cyprianite Synod whose "archbishop" became Kallinikos Sarandopulos. In order to head this heretical union and to give it an "orthodox" appearance Kallinikos Sarandopulos created a new heresy, in which he teaches that heretics supposedly „do not need to be repentant of their heresy in order to be accepted in the Church”. The heresy of Kallinikos is essentially a war against repentance, and as such became known under the name
The Heresy of Kallinikos
(EN | BG).

(See also - HERESY of Nicholas Dimaras EN | BG. Nicholas Dimaras is a narcissistic heretic-kyprianite with conceit of "great pundit" who:
a) Can not distinguish a matter of FAITH from the matter of MORALITY
and b) Openly propagandizes the heresy of Kyprianism, claiming that it were supposedly"always consistent with the teachings of the Holy Fathers" 
The semi-literate kyprianites of Synod-K 
are applauding him since 2003, whereas
- In fact - his HERESY falls under the ANATHEMA against ecumenism from 1983 because it teaches that the sacraments of heretics are effectual for salvation).


Yes, I left their Synod
even back in 2005.
But even if I had not left
it back then - they still would not have a legal and administrative power over me - because of the UNION in which they fell this year (2014) and came under the ANATHEMA of 1998
And not just o
ver me they have no legal or administrative power, but -
they have no authority over ANY Orthodox Priest who belonged to their Synod them BEFORE, but later on refused to go with them into this UNION and to fall under the same ANATHEMA with them.

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Which action is of the Holy Spirit - and which of men?
Scary sign of God

Expect new publications –
WHO Is My Bishop?

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Expect new publications!
Vivisection of dying!

– This archive selected publications and documents is the result of my research and my rich experience that are collected and the archive is composed even from 1985, since when my fight against this heresy began - and has not stopped up to this day.

Since then yet I wrote my book "The Way of the faithful today," which contains the predictions of their actions and who has read it, knows that until today everything was fulfilled by letter.

This series Vivisection of dying! - Is the essence of heresy Kyprianism, its real but hidden rulers and the program under which they rule the heresy ...

So - expect
Vivisection of dying!



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on the cyprianites

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The Defrocking of Cyprian
of Oropos


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Which action is
of the Holy Spirit -and which action
is of men?

Scary sign of God
Deposed and anathematized for heresy, Cyprian died unrepentant, his body became a bone – they were unable
even to close his mouth
What a scary sight!

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How and Why
the Assemblage 

Is Trying to Judge Someone 
Who Does not Belong To It (Psalms.26:5)

Self-appointed judges, impostors dressed in bishop clothes are trying by fear to keep their priests from leaving and to manipulate their consciences. (The cited here is not an isolated case! The assemblage persecutes only Orthodox 
 – and laymen
as well!)

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Kallinikos and the Others With Him -
Have not Canonical Ordinations!

Notice now the official confession of Kallinikos Sarandopoulos - that he himself and the others with him – have not canonical ordination! (to wit by his own admission he de facto is
not a bishop
So – those, who commemorate him - WHOM actually commemorate???...

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The HERESY of Kallinikos  

= war against repentance,
= war against Salvation:
- this heresy teaches that supposedly the heretics had no need of REPENTANCE and that allegedly they could be accepted into the Church only with confession of the Orthodox faith. The HERESY of Kallinikos - this is a war against the very foundations of Christianity !

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TO the 7,000 men
whom God

has left Himself

and who did not bend
knee to the idols
and did not kiss them
their mouth

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 EN | BG

The perver
of the

 EN | GR

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"The Sixth Point"
Do NEVER believe the apostates from the Synod-K
– whatever they tell you, whatever "documents" they show you – because they are SHAMELESS LIARS (Photius Marathon and others)!

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