ANATHEMA on the Pope and The Papists!

THE WORKS of the papal spies from the papal organization Pro Oriente designed to implant papal spies in the Orthodox Church

- Why Synod-K (and in particular the persons - Chrysostomos Manyotis and Photios Mandalis and others of their group in the Synod) persecutes True Orthodox Priests - both in Greece and in Romania and elsewhere and plays a circus that supposedly has power to "depose" them if they separate themselves from their heretical kyprianite Synod-K or if they do not join their heresy?

- Why Synod-K (
and in particular Manyotis and Mandalis and others in this group) persecutes True Orthodox Christians - and threatens them with curses - thereby blackmailing them and trampling on their human rights of choice blackmailing them to accept exactly their pseudo-mysteries - and not the Sacraments of a Priest whom the laity choose themselves?

- BY WHOM is Synod-K supported that so without fear it tramples the laws of the European Union for human rights and free religious choice?

- Why in Synod-K are performed intermarriages between their "Orthodox" and the Moscow Patriarchate and even the Papal heresy and is performed papal "baptism" with pouring for more than 10 years?

- Why True Orthodox Christians have seen
Chrysostomos Manyotis in the office of the new calendar ecumenist "archbishop" Christodoulos (while he was alive) and why none of the Synod of Chrysostom (today Kallinikos) for so many years has answered the question:
"What business had
. Manyotis in the office of the heretic Christodoulos, a papal agent from the papal organization "Pro Oriente" designed to implant papal spies in the Orthodox Church? "

- What is the purpose of the visit
of Chrysostomos
Manyotis in the office of the new calendar ecumenist "patriarch" Bartholomew and why none of the Synod of Kallinikos answers the question:
"What business had
Chr. Manyotis in the office of the heretic Bartholomew, a papal agent from the papal organization "Pro Oriente" designed to implant papal spies in the Orthodox Church?"

these questions
, my dear brothers and sisters, have one answer!
Because they all are logical results of one common reason from which they all arise.
What is this one common reason? What is this one common answer?
- Some people want that reason to remain secret, and that answer - unrevealed.
But we - right now, with God's help and our diligence -
easily and simply uncover them!

The persons
- Chrysostomos Manyotis
- Photios Mandalis
are called to public account for systematic abuse of social standing,
presenting themselves as if they are "orthodox bishops",
these persons publicly do scandalous actions as a routine (some of which are listed above and other are not yet). By that they cause scandal not only in the Greek but also in the international society and the reasonable suspicion that they serve the papal organization "Pro Oriente" designed to implant its spies in Orthodox circles (as Christodoulos, as Bartholomew, as Nicodemus Rotov and many other known agents of it).
To take off from themselves this fair suspicion, the mentioned persons are publicly invited to vindicate themselves by
each of them personally publicly proclaiming:
ANATHEMA to the Roman pope and papism!
This light means is given to them as
a convenient opportunity for the easiest and simplest way to give first proof that they ARE NOT (uninitiated or regular)
of the papal organization in question
DATE of this publication: 8/21 | Sept | 2014

a) True Orthodox
Priests and all who claim to be such
b) True Orthodox laity
and all who claim to be such

are called on
o stop all prayer communion with the persons

- Chrysostomos Manyotis
- Photios Mandalis,
who present themselves as
ostensibly "orthodox bishops" until these individuals publicly give the Roman pope over to anathema.

EVERY Orthodox Bishop or Priest IS OBLIGED to give Orthodox confession of faith WHENEVER such be asked of him - otherwise he IS NOT Orthodox and only conceals himself as such (1Pet.3:15)
e cleric (Bishop or Priest) who is indeed Orthodox - would not even for a moment hesitate to say publicly
of the pope and the papists
if he
is asked to give such a confession - and every time he is asked!
the one who is truly Orthodox - there is NO holdback to giving such a confession - NEVER, under NO pretext or reason!
BUT! - Only for the Orthodox
person there is not an obstacle! - and the Orthodox Christians have ALWAYS uncovered the spies of "Pro Oriente" this way: The spies avoid this simple Orthodox Confession and begin to verbalize, begin to diverge, begin to quibble so that through redundancy or otherwise to conceal that they are AVOIDING to utter publicly five words (1Cor.14:19):
ANATHEMA on the pope and the papists!

That they are not Orthodox, is seen immediately from the fact that they fell into the heresy of kyprianism officially.
But let them at least prove that all those things that they do (see above)
are for another reason and not that they are papal servants - spies of Pro Oriente!
They can also decline from personal public confession by hiding behind their Synod. This and any other disguising and declining from confession would also expose their affiliation or dependence on the organization.
To prove that they indeed are not papal servants - the way is simple - let each of them personally and publicly speak out 5 words:
ANATHEMA on the pope and the papists!

NOTE: This call is emailed to all members of Synod-K who have declared officially that they have
an e-mail address, including also to Chrysostomos Manyotis and Photios Mandalis.

: International Initiative Public Commission of Genuine Orthodox Christians (Clergy and laity) chose Orthodox Priest hieromonk John (Vasilevski) for its President and assigned him the responsibility to monitor the events related to the actions of the above mentioned suspected persons, and of certain of their messengers, whose names by temporary decision are for the time being kept in secret.


FACT: The more Kallinikos and the other persecutors like him try to oppress us - the more they turn us the True Priests -
the most sought-after Priests in the World!



By every action of their - they just confirm my predictions.
And this is - with God's help, of course!

Just as in my book "The Way of the faithful today," which contains the predictions of their actions and who has read it so far, knows that until today everything was fulfilled by letter.
So - expect

Vivisection of dying!


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Which action is of the Holy Spirit - and which of men?
Scary sign of God

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on the cyprianites

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The Defrocking of Cyprian
of Oropos


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Which action is
of the Holy Spirit -and which action
is of men?

Scary sign of God
Deposed and anathematized for heresy, Cyprian died unrepentant, his body became a bone they were unable
even to close his mouth
What a scary sight!

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How and Why
the Assemblage 

Is Trying to Judge Someone 
Who Does not Belong To It (Psalms.26:5)

Self-appointed judges, impostors dressed in bishop clothes are trying by fear to keep their priests from leaving and to manipulate their consciences. (The cited here is not an isolated case! The assemblage persecutes only Orthodox 
  and laymen
as well!)

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Kallinikos and the Others With Him -
Have not Canonical Ordinations!

Notice now the official confession of Kallinikos Sarandopoulos - that he himself and the others with him have not canonical ordination! (to wit by his own admission he de facto is
not a bishop
So those, who commemorate him - WHOM actually commemorate???...

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The HERESY of Kallinikos  

= war against repentance,
= war against Salvation:
- this heresy teaches that supposedly the heretics had no need of REPENTANCE and that allegedly they could be accepted into the Church only with confession of the Orthodox faith. The HERESY of Kallinikos - this is a war against the very foundations of Christianity !

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TO the 7,000 men
whom God

has left Himself

and who did not bend
knee to the idols
and did not kiss them
their mouth

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The perver
of the

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"The Sixth Point"
Do NEVER believe the apostates from the Synod-K
whatever they tell you, whatever "documents" they show you because they are SHAMELESS LIARS (Photius Marathon and others)!

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