When I was preparing for announcement the texts for this publication, a zealot cleric said to me: Behold, you now labor, gather the materials, set out, arrange them for publication, and even take a risk! But mark my words – no one will move his finger for his own salvation! No one will be moved! The world is perishing!!!”
Then I answered him: “Yes, I know, about this already predicted the Holy Fathers – that in the end times before the coming of the antichrist the huge perishing multitude will treat with contempt and scoffing the warnings of the negligibly few in number Orthodox about the danger and about the salvation – just as in the times of Noah and Lot (Luke.17:26-29).
And yet!
Even if not a single person on the planet hears It – the Orthodox Truth must still be phrased expressed announced!

Kallinikos Sarandopulos for many years was deceiving us that he is orthodox and played the role of a “zealot of Orthodoxy”. And in reality has always been a wolf dressed in sheeps clothing (Mat.7:15)! A typical example of such a wolf.

Now he already is getting tangled in his own lies. Example: he himself admits that he has warned Agathangel to stop teaching that the protestants also have grace! That's how much he had “received with repentance” Agathangel (and the other kyprianites):
If you now have warned him to stop – then how can it be that you previously had “received him with repentance? - who are you trying to deceive?!! Only fools believe you!!!

And here now the truth about the satanic role of Kallinikos is fully revealed!
Here now is fully pulled back the curtain of the lie:
– A SHOCKING DOCUMENT is signed – SUPERMEMORANDUM of the antichrist From this satanic document it becomes clear what is pursued – convocation of a so called “8-th ecumenical” council of the antichrist with the purpose: destruction of the Orthodox Church and converting the people into cattle.
See this document! – it clearly reveals the satanic role of Sarandopulos and testifies WHY he made the UNIA with the kyprianites.
He made it by order of the pope and the masons who are preparing the coming of the antichrist. He made it in service of the antichrist!

This year, 2017, the plan of the antichrist (for which his forerunner Kallinikos Sarandopulos served to him) according to the signed program, takes effect!
the few remaining True Orthodox (it is predicted that they will remain negligibly few in number) must prepare for persecutions!
According to the prophecy of St. Anatoly of Optina, the persecutors will subject to persecution first the Shepherds – because precisely that way the True Shepherd iconizes the sufferings of the Archshepherd Jesus Christ for the salvation of the world! (Mat.26:31)
(NOTE: Kallinikos, the servant of the antichrist, this tyrant, since he fell in heresy, is not wasting his time and for persecutions is always ready and even now already is acting: he ALREADY sends his subordinate Photios Mandalis to the police in the Drama district to cause persecution against Priest John (Vasilevski)! – in the words of local policemen, said in front of witnesses.)

For so many years he was deceiving us that he is
"orthodox" – and now Sarandopulos proved that he is their agent, planted into the Church to destroy it from within >>> ΑρχιΚΑΤΑσκοπος! = Arch-spy of the antichrist!
Compare the dates:
- When was signed this terrible SUPERMEMORANDUM of the antichrist
- And when Kallinikos Sarandopulos signed the UNIA with the kyprianites
– and you will uncover the truth with your own eyes, without needing someone else to interpret it for you.
You will also uncover the truth WHY at that same time, also Chrysostomos Manyotis made a trip to the archheretic Bartholomew in Constantinople, or as specified in the SUPERMEMORANDUM – in Istanbul in connection with the outside Istanbul orthodox christian churches.
All this – with one purpose: the so called “8-th ecumenical” council of the antichrist!

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About the Holy Ecumenical Councils and their number.

According to the Holy Scripture and the Holy Tradition – written
and unwritten:

The Holy Orthodox Church acknowledges SEVEN Holy Ecumenical Councils: Nicene I (year 325, against the heresy of Arius); Constantinopolitan I (year 381, against the heresy of Macedonius); Ephesian (year 431, against the heresy of Nestorius); Chalcedonian (year 451, against the heresy of the monophysites); Constantinopolitan II (year 553, “About the three chapters); Constantinopolitan III (years 680-681 against the heresy of the monothelites); Nicene II (year 787, against the heresy of the iconoclasts).

With the
Seventh Ecumenical Council in year 787 is ended the era of the Ecumenical Councils.

Since then, the Holy Orthodox Church celebrates:
(a) both the memory of the Holy Fathers of each Council separately
(b) and OF ALL THE SEVEN together. Here there IS a holy Icon OF ALL THE SEVEN Councils together, but there is not an icon of three or of five councils. Why?
: With the Seventh Ecumenical Council in year 787 is ended the Conciliar activity:
~ Triumph of Orthodoxy!

The venerable Elder Nectarios of Optina († 29 April 1928) on the question about the number of the councils answered: There shall no longer be any Councils held. There have been seven Councils, like there are seven Sacraments and seven Gifts of The Holy Spirit. For our age, the number of fullness is the number seven. Eight is the number of the future age...

The same and even in more detail said before him St.Ambrose of Optina:
The seventh number in the church number system has a great significance. The period of the church time, is counted by seven-day weeks. The Orthodox Church is held and governed by the rules of SEVEN Ecumenical Councils. Seven are the Sacraments and seven are the gifts of the Holy Spirit in the Church. The Revelation of God was revealed to the seven churches of Asia. The book of the judgments of God, seen in a revelation by St. John the Theologian, is sealed with seven seals. Seven are the vials of the wrath of God poured out upon the wicked, and so on. All these counts of seven relate to this age (to the life in the time) and with the end of it they shall come to an end. And the future age in the Church is denoted with the eighth number... The Sunday of Antipascha, or of St. Thomas in the Festal Triodion is called Sunday of the eighth day, or – of the eternal day that will not be interrupted by the darkness of night.

And our spiritual great-grand-father
Saint Theophan of Poltava (1940) (BG | EN) regarding the number of the councils and regarding the antichrist’s “8-th ecumenical in addition gives a dogmatic clarification: I can only say, in the words of St. Theodore the Studite: «Not every gathering of bishops is a council, but only a gathering of bishops who stand in the Truth». For what constitutes a Truly Ecumenical Council is not the number of bishops gathered at it, but whether it will philosophize and teach Orthodoxly. If it drifts from the Truth, a Council will not be ecumenical even if it would call itself ecumenical. The infamous “robber council” was in its time far more numerously attended than many of the ecumenical councils, and yet it was not acknowledged ecumenical but received the name “robber council”!

the heretics-ecumenists who want to gain for themselves fame as orthodox and elders”, know about the antichrist’s “8-th ecumenical” council and teach their followers, that after it no one must go to their churches any more – even they! Of course, they teach that only after it, only after the antichrist’s 8-th ecumenical” council, in other words, that for the present still supposedly “it is allowed” because they are after all heretics-ecumenists. But we certainly will not quote here their writings. What is essential is that – even they know about the antichrist’s “8-th ecumenical” and reject it and reject all those who acknowledge it!

One can also read the short book The Way of the Faithful Today”, written by Father John (Vasilevski) even in 1985 during the bolshevik persecution in Bulgaria (SELF-PUBLISHING). For this and other books the bolsheviks persecuted both Father John and his mother – threatened to exile both in a concentration camp. God did not allow! In this book it is said clearly and precisely both about the SEVEN Ecumenical Councils of the Church, and is foretold about the 8-th ecumenical” council of the antichrist how it will happen. Today, we are seeing: Everything matches exactly!

And so the Holy Orthodox Church, According to the Holy Scripture and the Holy Tradition written and unwritten, clearly and unambiguously acknowledges ONLY SEVEN Holy Ecumenical Councils, on which were rejected the heresies and each time was confirmed that same ONE ETERNAL AND UNCHANGING Holy Orthodox Faith.
And the antichrist will make his own council, will call it “8-th ecumenical and on it will establish the lawlessness and will excommunicate and then will also submit to persecution the few remaining in his time True Orthodox. (NOTE: Kallinikos, the servant of the antichrist, is not even waiting for an “8-th ecumenical he, since he fell in heresy, is not wasting his time – this tyrant for persecutions is always ready and even now already is acting: he ALREADY sends his subordinate Photios Mandalis to the police in the Drama district to cause persecution against Priest John (Vasilevski)! – in the words of local policemen, said in front of witnesses.)

THIS is the Holy Tradition – written and unwritten!
And the prediction that the Holy Ecumenical Councils will be SEVEN
has given God the Holy Spirit Himself even in the Old Testament – Proverbs.9:1-6
[9:1]  Wisdom hath builded her house, she hath hewn out her seven pillars,

[9:2]  She hath killed her beasts; she hath mingled her wine; she hath also furnished her table;
[9:3]  She hath sent forth her
servants to call from the highest places of the city:
[9:4]  "Whoso is
foolish, let him turn in hither!" To those without sense, she saith:
[9:5]  "Come, eat of my bread, and drink of the wine which I have mingled;
[9:6]  Forsake the foolish
ness, and you will live; walk in the way of understanding.

THIS is the Divine Wisdom and
THIS is what God has predicted!
That is why on the completion of the Holy SEVENTH Ecumenical Council – by commandment of God the Holy Spirit – the Holy Fathers of the Council established the Feast Triumph of Orthodoxy = completion with Triumph of the Conciliar activity! It fell at that time on the first Sunday of the Great Lent.
Wisdom hath builded her house – this any reasonable person (not lacking sense) understands that it is the Lord Jesus Christ (the Divine Wisdom = God Word), Who built the Holy Orthodox Church – and so on...

In full contradiction with the Divine Wisdom, Kal
linikos Sarandopulos, even back in 1992, on a general meeting of GOC in Thessaloniki (on Sunday of St. Gregory Palamas) came up along with other speakers and delivered a bizarre speech in which he “highbrowedly” spoke about an 8-th and even about a 9-th Ecumenical Councils. That speech of his had a clear objective to attract attention, and it apparently succeeded – in that it brought then temptation in the Orthodox community with these non-orthodox “highbrowed” statements about the councils. But we then thought to ourselves that this was some personal deception of his, the offspring of his own mind – and were forgiving him that. Everyone has some personal deception of his, albeit small, and he who thinks that he does not have such he simply is in prelest (spiritual delusion)!
But here – it turned out that this was not some personal invention and deception of Kallinikos Sarandopulos, but this was part of a satanic plan which they were preparing to carry out a long time ago together with his brother in faith the satanist Kyprian Kutsumbas – another fanaticized propagandist of the antichrist’s 8-th ecumenical”. They did not do this on their own initiative, of course, but managed by the masters, whose obedient puppets these two are. And here – 22 years later (in 2014) Kallinikos Sarandopulos revealed in deed and openly to all who have eyes to see (Mat.13:13-15) what a forerunner of the antichrist in reality he has always been, what a long prepared propagandist of the “8-th ecumenical council of the antichrist he has been – planted in the Church to destroy it from within.
With this the circuit closed: The serpent bit his tail – said in the language of the invisible masters of the pawn Kallinikos Sarandopulos.

TODAY in his antichrist encyclical Kallinikos and his antichrist coven directly and openly and all along the line propagandize the need” for the so-called 8-th Ecumenical – to wit the council of the antichrist:
"These synodal censures, especially of the heresy of ecumenism,

are assuredly important steps in the right direction towards the convocation of a General synod of True Orthodox, which, with expanded authority, will arrive at decisions concerning the calendar innovation…"

They say it
AS IF PREVIOUSLY THE SAINTS, led by the Holy Spirit, have made a statement on the question with less authority, SO THE HYPOCRITES NOW WILL MAKE A DECISION WITH EXPANDED AUTHORITY.  

What terrible and brazen blasphemy against the Holy Spirit – Who has enlightened and inspired the Holy Fathers – especially on the question of the heresy of ecumenism!
To this synodical encyclical which is fighting against the Holy Spirit– ANATHEMA!

= According to the Order of Service on Sunday of Orthodoxy:
- To those who do not believe that the Holy Spirit inspired the prophets and apostles, and by them taught us the true way to eternal salvation, and confirmed this by miracles, and now dwells in the hearts of all true and faithful Christians, and teaches them in all truth
- To those who reject the
councils of the holy fathers and their traditions, which are agreeable to the Divine revelation and kept piously by the Holy Orthodox Church: ANATHEMA!
Order of Service on Sunday of Orthodoxy).

Here are the exposing words of St. Ignatius Bryanchaninov against such “highbrowed” false-wisemen: There is no Orthodoxy in human teachings and philosophies: false reason reigns in them the fruit of the fall. Orthodoxy — is the teaching of the Holy Spirit, given by God to man for his salvation.

Now the kallinikite kyprianites will make constantly newer and newer “corrections” to their sly false-wise confession. And each new “correction” will be (according to their “highbrowedness” and false-wisdom) increasingly closer to Orthodoxy. But will they do this for salvation? Of course not!

a) They will do this to justify their fall into heresy:
“They accuse us of heresy, however – here, today we made a new confession and thus we became more orthodox than yesterday!...
What a parody! What a circus!!!
Thus these sly “tricksters” instead of justify, they will increasingly prove=expose their fall in heresy – because: If their synodical confession was indeed orthodox would it need constantly newer and newer “corrections”???

Categorical answer: Of course
NOT!!! The confession of the Orthodox Church was dictated by the Holy Spirit once and for all!!!
And the heretical group of the kallinikite kyprianites alone exposes itself that with its constantly newer and newer “corrections” of their confession, in deed blasphemously claims that supposedly the Holy Spirit constantly changes His mind according to how “they command Him in every new “correction”. Thus they blasphemously confess themselves (a) not as subjected to the Holy Spirit, but as (b) masters and users of the Holy Spirit! What a brazen blasphemy!
These blind leaders of the blind (Mat.15:14) do not see how they alone expose themselves as heretics with these constantly newer and newer "corrections" to their sly heretical confession!

They are also blind to see also that – with this constant striving of theirs to justify their fall in heresy, they prove also their unrepentedness in the heresy – because the striving to justify themselves denies the repentance and generally testifies to the absence of repentance!

b) These unrepented heretics will make their newer and newer “corrections” to their sly confession in order to seduce and draw into their fall and heresy if possible even the last zealots of Holy Orthodoxy (Mat.24:24, Mark.13:22) and also – to seduce and attract those who hypocritically mimic zealotry, such as different groups of matthewites and others...

But with all this
verbiage of theirs – by their making constantly newer and newer “corrections” to their sly confession – will the kallinikite kyprianites manage ever to fabricate for themselves Orthodoxness?...
Even if we assume that at some time in this development of their verbiage they achieve such a “progress that they just copy from somewhere a pure Orthodox confession – whether from that they will become actually Orthodox?
Answer: NO!
In order to become Orthodox, after having fallen into heresy, they must first of all repent – officially, handing to anathema their kallinikite kyprianite heresy – in the same way as previously officially and publicly they have proclaimed it as orthodox confession. Such repentance there is not in them, but there is just the opposite: the striving to justify their heresy, which completely denies the repentance and generally testifies to the absence of repentance!
In order to become Orthodox, after having fallen into heresy, they must after they repent – find at least one True Orthodox Hierarch who to receive them from the heresy – in the Orthodox Church (from Which they, through the heresy, have dropped out). And their priests”, if any of them becomes aware of the heresy and wants to leave to become again Orthodox – he must, after he leaves their heretical coven, at a minimum find one Priest, True Orthodox, who to receive him from the heresy – in the Holy Orthodox Church.
(No matter who he is! The important thing is
that he be True Orthodox!)
These are the minimum requirements!

And –
HOW will they be received (?), in what way (?), with what canon=penance (?), strict or lenient (?) – this is already a completely separate question.
But the essential is that the penitent prodigal son must find the Receiving Father, who to receive him from the heresy – in the Holy Orthodox Church (Luke.15:17-19).
In heresy can fall anyone – from layman to Patriarch – and fall by himself (without another’s “help”). However, to be received from the heresy back in the Holy Orthodox Church – the penitent about his fall prodigal son must find the Receiving Father, who to receive him from the heresy – in the Holy Orthodox Church (Luke.15:17-19). He can not get back in by himself! The door is closed (Mat.25:10-12). No one can enter into the Church by himself (John.10:1-2) – needed is the receiving father (Luke.15:20), who to open the door of the Church (Mat.25:11).

Indulgence (economy) is not limitless! It has its limits – and these limits are determined not by men, and not in whatever way it occurs to them, but – they are determined by the Holy Spirit through the Holy Fathers. When these limits are overstepped – then the economy already ceases to be indulgence, but it becomes lawlessness – and that lawlessness is no longer service of Christ, but is service of the antichrist (Mat.7:23) (2Thes.2:2-3)!

In its unfortunate time the Russian Church Abroad also fell into the heresy of ecumenism. And for this antichrist deed also served the servant of the antichrist Cyprian Kutsumbas, with whom the Russian Church Abroad fell into UNIA in the same way as today did Kallinikos Sarandopulos – without any difference!

The only difference was in the morals - that the Russians did not act slyly, did not try to deceive God, as today Kallinikos and his lawless coven are imagining that they can do! No! The Russians, in contrast to them, acted openly and honestly:
- Bishop Gregory (Grabbe) honestly and openly wrote: We fell under our own anathema! (by entering in communion with Cyprian).
- Subsequently, the Synod of the Russian Church Abroad openly and honestly admitted and defined this act of union with Cyprian as a mistake – and threw out the heretic Cyprian from their midst!
Unfortunately, they stopped only
up till here! And that subsequently determined their tragic fate and disintegration – because God can not be deceived!
Good is the Synodal decision! But only with it the matter is not exhausted.
What the Russians ALSO had to do in order to become Orthodox again, is – to find at least one True Orthodox Hierarch, who to receive them from the heresy – in the Orthodox Church!
But they did not do that – so, after dropping out, they did not return to the Truth.
And the Truth is that
~ Just
repentance alone for the fall into heresy is not enough! (Mat.3:7) It is also necessary that there be someone receiving into the Orthodoxy (Luke.15:17-23). The prodigal son by himself leaves his father– no need someone else to drag him away – he can do that by himself as well. And every son can separate from the Church by himself as well (be he a layman, Priest or Patriarch – it does not matter). However, for the reception of this prodigal son back into the Church – always is needed also a receiving Father! For this reason there is a Hierarchy, there are Sacraments, there is Penance (decision of the Hierarchy on how will the penitent prodigal son be received, which canon=penance he must obey and do obedience in his reception). Precisely this is the confession of Christ come in the flesh (1John.4:1-4).
To wit – we are talking not just about “belief that he has come in the flesh”, in this believe even the protestants, but – the confession of Christ come in the Flesh includes also action=Sacrament – and also belief that the Sacrament is performed by a bearing flesh sent one of the come in the flesh Christ! And not just a spirit, not just a good idea...

There are canons for the reception (from schism
, from heresy...).
Whether this canon (office) of the reception will be implemented mildly or sternly – that is already a separate question, but the very fact that this office exists – already testifies that without it it is impossible! It is not possible just “with a synodal decision those who have fallen in heresy, to alone pull themselves out of the heresy and alone to receive themselves back into the Church! This is some such baron-munhausen’s self-pulling by the hair out of the mire of the heresy – a baron-munchausen's orthodoxy... NO! The receiving one stands inside the Church, and the one that is received comes from outside to Her (John.10:1-2).
Therefore: Let those who are being received take their decision (decision that they have made a mistake, that they have dropped out) – and they do good by taking such a decision! – it is a form of public admitting of the fall and repentance. However, apart from their decision, there is necessarily needed also this – someone to receive them
- otherwise it would be self-sanctification (samosvyatstvo)!

And otherwise – what is in the end done here?

Otherwise, here is done a total mess and profanation of the very fundamental basic concepts:
- Who is taking decisions? Who is coming from outside into the Church? And who is receiving him in Her???...
- Is the one who is repenting of his fall taking the decisions – or decisions must take the one who receives the repentance of him who is fallen and coming to the Church???...
What is this chaos???... In the Church there is no chaos! Chaos is always outside of the church!

And because the ROCA did not do everything properly, but stopped only at the Synodal decision (as a repentance for the fall in kyprianism and nothing more), then this subsequently determined their tragic fate and disintegration – because God cannot be deceived!

In this situation, which is so critical globally, many people ask:
to find the True Church?
Answer: After reading the text of the antichrist's super-memorandum – you will see that the purpose of these servants of the antichrist, like Kallinikos Sarandopulos and his masters, is: Carrying through of the so called “8-th ecumenical” council of the antichrist and through that – destruction of the Orthodox Church and converting the people into obedient cattle. You will convince yourself also that the world has already entered the period in which God commands the True Orthodox Church to flee to the desert, where for Her is prepared a place to hide from the antichrist and his servants (Apoc.12:6).

Salvation is possible only in the Bosom of the True Orthodox Church! – but neither provocateurs, nor persecutors, nor false brethren (Gal.2:4-5, 2Cor.11:26) will be able to find Her. Only the True children of God will find Her – and it's only through the path, specified in the Holy Gospel and interpreted by the Holy Fathers. In ancient times this path was clear and obvious to everyone. Even in the recent past, in the time of the bolshevik persecution against the Church – this path was also clear and obvious to everyone. But today, because of the very heavy engagement of the people to the spirit of this world (John.15:19), the spiritual eyes of the people are blind (even of the believers) and their heart roughened too much. Therefore, this path has become invisible to them, or – it has become very hard to see it.

But due to His great mercy the Lord has given us a
“Golden Key, with the help of which (a) only the True children of God can open the secret door to the True Church, and (b) all the enemies and persecutors (overt and disguised) hypocrites provocateurs and false brethren – despite all their antichrist’s might, can not open it, and this secret door to the True Church remains closed to them!

Here - the Golden Key is opened and available to everyone – everybody can hear the secret:
But, as we said (a) only the True children of God
can take advantage of it and open the secret door to the True Church, and (b) all the enemies and persecutors (overt and disguised) hypocrites provocateurs and false brethren – despite all their antichrist's might, can not open it, so this secret door remains closed to them! It's a great Wisdom of God! – and yet so simple!
Try – and you will see! :-)


And here is the text of the antichrist’s super-memorandum:
SUPERMEMORANDUM of the antichrist –
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of the antichrist
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on the cyprianites

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After the fall of Kallinikos Sarandopulos in the heresy of kyprianism, the heretics matth
ewites get up to circus tricks (devilish resourcefulness), to seduce and lure the few remaining True Orthodox Christians in the heresy of matthewism.
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The Defrocking of Cyprian
of Oropos


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Which action is
of the Holy Spirit -and which action
is of men?

Scary sign of God
Deposed and anathematized for heresy, Cyprian died unrepentant, his body became a bone – they were unable
even to close his mouth
What a scary sight!

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How and Why
the Assemblage 

Is Trying to Judge Someone 
Who Does not Belong To It (Psalms.26:5)

Self-appointed judges, impostors dressed in bishop clothes are trying by fear to keep their priests from leaving and to manipulate their consciences. (This is not an isolated case! The assemblage persecutes only Orthodox 
  and laymen
as well!)

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Kallinikos and the Others With Him -
Have not Canonical Ordinations!

Notice now the official confession of Kallinikos Sarandopoulos - that he himself and the others with him – have not canonical ordination! (to wit by his own admission he de facto is
not a bishop
So – those, who commemorate him - WHOM actually commemorate???...

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The HERESY of Kallinikos  

= war against repentance,
= war against Salvation:
- this heresy teaches that supposedly the heretics had no need of REPENTANCE and that allegedly they could be accepted into the Church only with confession of the Orthodox faith. The HERESY of Kallinikos - this is a war against the very foundations of Christianity !

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Chrysostom, Kallinikos and those with them

have NEVER been persecuted for faith!

But they showed their true faces:
PERSECUTORS of the Orthodox!

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TO the 7,000 men
whom God

has left Himself

and who did not bend
knee to the idols
and did not kiss them
their mouth

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The perver
of the

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"The Sixth Point"
Do NEVER believe the apostates from the Synod-K
– whatever they tell you, whatever "documents" they show you – because they are SHAMELESS LIARS (Photius Marathon and others)!

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