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Страница переадресации
К сожалению такой адрес не существует. Просим обратиться к нашей службе поддержки и сообщить на какой адрес вы хотели попасть чтобы мы перенаправили вас правильно. Просим прощение за созданное неудобство!
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Σελίδα ανακατεύθυνσης
Δυστυχώς, αυτή η διεύθυνση δεν υπάρχει. Παρακαλούμε να επικοινωνήσετε με την υπηρεσία υποστήριξης μας και να αναφέρετε ποια διεύθυνση θα θέλατε να επισκεφθείτε έτσι ώστε να σας ανακατευθύνουμε σωστά.
Ζητούμε συγγνώμη για την ταλαιπωρία!

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Страница за пренасочване
За съжаление такъв адрес не съществува. Молим посетете нашата служба за поддръжка и съобщете какъв адрес желаете да посетите за да ви пренасочим правилно. Молим да ни извините за неудобството!
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on the cyprianites

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The Defrocking of Cyprian
of Oropos


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Which action is
of the Holy Spirit -and which action
is of men?

Scary sign of God
Deposed and anathematized for heresy, Cyprian died unrepentant, his body became a bone – they were unable
even to close his mouth
What a scary sight!

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How and Why
the Assemblage 

Is Trying to Judge Someone 
Who Does not Belong To It (Psalms.26:5)

Self-appointed judges, impostors dressed in bishop clothes are trying by fear to keep their priests from leaving and to manipulate their consciences. (This is not an isolated case! The assemblage persecutes only Orthodox 
  and laymen
as well!)

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Kallinikos and the Others With Him -
Have not Canonical Ordinations!

Notice now the official confession of Kallinikos Sarandopoulos - that he himself and the others with him – have not canonical ordination! (to wit by his own admission he de facto is
not a bishop
So – those, who commemorate him - WHOM actually commemorate???...

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The HERESY of Kallinikos  

= war against repentance,
= war against Salvation:
- this heresy teaches that supposedly the heretics had no need of REPENTANCE and that allegedly they could be accepted into the Church only with confession of the Orthodox faith. The HERESY of Kallinikos - this is a war against the very foundations of Christianity !

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Chrysostom, Kallinikos and those with them

have NEVER been persecuted for faith!

But they showed their true faces:
PERSECUTORS of the Orthodox!

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TO the 7,000 men
whom God

has left Himself

and who did not bend
knee to the idols
and did not kiss them
their mouth

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The perver
of the

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"The Sixth Point"
Do NEVER believe the apostates from the Synod-K
– whatever they tell you, whatever "documents" they show you – because they are SHAMELESS LIARS (Photius Marathon and others)!

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